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Warangal Fort


Warangal Fort is a prominent landmark of the Telangana state, reflecting architectural excellence and historical richness. The fort is flocked by thousands of tourists every year, who come from far and wide to witness the architectural marvel of this region. The fort was built during the Kakatiya Dynasty, and although now in ruins, its architectural marvel can still be witnessed through its rustic remnants. The major highlights of the Fort are the four ornamental gates, which are now the official emblem of the Telangana state.

History of the Fort
The fort gives us a clear understanding of the bygone Kakatiya Dynasty. It was during 1175 - 1324 CE that the southern region of India witnessed a notable trend in establishing architectural marvels like Warangal Fort. This wonderful fort was built by Ganapatideva. After his death in 1262, his daughter Rudrama Devi took over the charge of the construction. However, King Prataparudra II, who was also known as Rudradeva II and the last ruler of Kakatiya Kingdom, finished the Warangal Fort. The fort was attacked and destroyed numerous times, but what we see today are not simply the ruins but the grandiosity of the medieval architecture.

Architecture of Warangal Fort
Flaunting the architecture brilliance of the 12th century, the fort was built on Thorean architectural style. The fort once flaunted 45 grand pillars embellished by intricate carvings. The major highlight of the Fort was the ‘Gateway of Glory’, which was the main gateway built of four elaborately carved pillars constructed out of a single rock. These majestic gateways were also known as Kirti Toranas and stood as a symbol of South Indian architectural style.
One of the major attractions of the fort is Swayambhu Devalayam, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Buil in 1162 AD, this temple is situated right in the middle of the fort with awe-inspiring sculptures. Most of the sculptures carved on the pillars of the fort follow a similar pattern, where each stone is divided into different sections and each section flaunts various sculptures such as lion, elephant, statues of dancers etc.

Warangal Fort Timings and Entry Fee
Open all days of the week, the opening timings of Warangal Fort are from 10 AM to 7 PM. The entry fee of Warangal Fort is Rs.15 per person for those with Indian nationality. For foreign tourists, the entry charges are Rs.200 per person. The charge for video camera is Rs.25.

How to Reach
Warangal fort is located towards the south eastern part of the city. The fort is only 5 km away from Warangal railway station. Tourists can hire an auto rickshaw and reach the fort. There are also many city running regular intervals that go via the fort. Tourists can also travel via a hired taxi and reach the fort without any hassle.

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