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South India is a dream destination of many with a never ending list of attractions to explore. Whether you a devotional soul or a wildlife enthusiast, whether you love spending your time around a beach or you wish to delve into the wonders of ayurveda- this region of India has it all for you.

Come and savour the magical backwaters of South India which reflect Mother Nature in every sense. Kerala, the God’s own Country, is a paradise with brackish lagoons offering a unique eco-system which fosters unseen aquatic life. Backwaters are basically the large inland lakes of Kerala which remain untouched from the human existence and can be reached only by taking houseboats.

South India is blessed with some of the most beautiful looking beaches making it an ideal beach destination in India. Coastline of South India treats you with some of the most priceless list of beaches known for their serene ambience, azure sea water, pristine sand, swinging palm trees and lip-smacking food.

Kerala Ayurveda
Kerala, “God’s own country”, has numerous lures to charm travellers. However, Ayurveda surely tops the list. People from all over the world flock here to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul with some soul soothing Ayurvedic treatments available in many Ayurvedic centres and resorts dotted here.

South India is an elaborate confluence of religion and art which can be seen in the form of various temples dotted here. Temples of South India take you back into historic dynasties when their splendid architectural designs took shape. From intricate Dravidian architecture to beautiful Vijayanagara style of architecture, from larger than life pillars of Chalukyas to detailed carvings by Krishnadevaraya – each temple here tells a different story, unheard and unknown.

Wildlife in South India is diverse. Thanks to the region’s varied climatic conditions and topography, here you are greeted with over 500 species of mammals, 1225 varieties of Birds, 1600 types of reptiles and 57,000 species of insects. The ecosystem of South India is such that the place makes a great habitat for animals. Blessed with a cool tropical climate and virgin rainforests, the region takes you on the best wildlife experiences which are raw and breathtaking.

Spice Plantation
South India is world renowned for its spice plantation. Around 80% of the spices consumed around the world are exported from here only. The spice industry is booming and makes the region looks extremely beautiful with never ending vistas of greenery. Spice Plantations have actually become a must visit attraction here where travellers can enjoy leisurely strolls, explore the region and relish the calming wind blowing.

Fairs & Festivals
South India is a land of colours which can be cherished in its endless list of fairs and festivals. Every festival is a huge event here with its own history. Locals celebrate them with utmost fervour showcasing the richness of their cultures and religions.

South Indian Weddings
South Indian weddings are no less than fairytales. They are grand, royal and full of life. Weddings of South India take you deep into their cultures and let you experience vividness of their rituals. They evoke images of house entrance adorned with Rangoli or Kolam, decoration with mango leaves which is considered as auspicious, notes of the Nadaswaram and brides wearing bright silk saris.

South India not just takes you on a shopping spree but also lets you take a plunge into the cultures breathing here by interacting with the locals and visiting street markets oozing an antique flavour. South India is known for hand-woven silk fabric, traditional handicrafts, and intricate jewellery made of pure gold. Buying Silk saris is a must here as they look elegant, adorning every occasion here.

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