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Matanga Tank Shrines

Hampi city of Karnataka houses a beautiful temple called Kangiri Gopura. On exiting the northern tower of the temple, you reach a pavement with Matanga Tank on your right and a series of smaller shrines on your left. The Matanga Tank is the main source of water for the daily water requirements of the temple. Rectangular stone blocks form a gallery around the fenced tank. The rectangular steps depict the typical architectural style of Hindu temple.

About Matanga Tank Shrines
As per the rituals, the devotees are required to take bath in the temple pond before entering the shrine. Devotees are also seen taking bath in the nearby river, the Tungabadra River, owing to the bad condition of water in the pond. There are ductworks that connect the tank to the Tungabadra River just across the road.

There are several shrines to the left of the Matanga Tank. Reflecting the antiquity of their existences, some of these shrines even date back to the 8th century. Over the centuries most of the shrines have summed to natural degradation. The shrine that is still under worship is the shrine belonging to Goddess Durga, the symbol of power. Built with pink sandstone, the idol of the goddess in the sanctum-sanctorum has eight arms. The four right arms hold a chakra (a weapon), arrow, sword and a trident (striking the fallen demon); the four of the left arms hold a conch, bow, and a shield; the fourth left hand pulls the tongue of the demon Mahishasura.

Matanga Tank and Shrines are beautiful architectural wonders. The steps around the tank have red vertical strips. Beautiful carvings on the walls of the shrines also deserve mention. There is also an inscription slab displaying the records of the offering made to the temple by the kings of the bygone era.

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