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Yantrodharaka Anjaneya Temple

Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the Yantrodharaka Anjaneya Temple is situated on top of the hill. This magnificent temple is about 500 years old. The idol of Hanuman here is installed by Sri Vyasaraja, the Rajaguru of the Vijayanagara kingdom and one of the Dwaita philosophers. The structure of Hanuman here is different from any other image of Lord Hanuman that can be found in Hampi. This temple is the second most important shrine dedicated to Lord Hanuman in Hampi.

History of the Temple
If sources are to be believed, the temple has been built on the place where Hanuman and Lord Rama met for the first time.

Popular beliefs also state that Sri Vyasaraja used to pray to Lord Hanuman in this place by drawing an image of Lord Hanuman on the rocks. An interesting thing was that by the time he finished his prayers, the picture would disappear. When this happened for 12 days continuously in a row, Sri Vyasaraja pleaded Lord Hanuman to appear before him. When Hanuman appeared, he asked Sri Vyasaraja to constrain him in a six-sided amulet and build a temple in the area.

Temple Architecture
Located on a hill on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, the Yantrodharak Anjaneya Temple houses an image of Lord Hanuman in a meditative state. This is a marked deviation from other depictions of Lord Hanuman.

Most of the images of Lord Hanuman in Hampi show him standing with one hand raised and other on the hip. It is only in this temple that he can be seen in a meditative position. Another unique attraction is that Lord Hanuman’s crown has been formed by his tail.

A total of twelve monkeys have been carved around the amulet in the temple. The 12 monkeys represent the 12 days Sri Vyasaraja prayed to Lord Hanuman. Each monkey holds the tail of the monkey in front of him but is facing backward.

Other Things to See
The temple houses another small temple dedicated to Lord Rama. According to beliefs, Hanuman met Lord Rama at this place. Just ahead of the temple is a fig tree, at the foot of which is there are number of snake-stones which are sued as places of snake worship.

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