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Pondicherry Beaches

The beaches of Pondicherry make for the most breathtaking site for the onlookers. Whether you are seeking solitude or you are someone who loves to party, the beaches of Pondicherry will serve you the best air. With its pristine shoreline, shimmering waters and golden sands, some of the best beaches in Pondicherry draw hordes of tourists. You can relax, walk along the shores, watch beautiful sunsets, do some swimming, build sand castle, try adventurous water sports, or spend a romantic evening. If you are vacationing in Pondicherry, you are going to love every bit of your visit to the beaches. Promenade Beach, Serenity Beach, Mahe Beach, Auroville Beach etc are some of the popular beaches of Pondicherry. Let’s give you a detailed dive into the beach life of Pondicherry.

Rock Beach
Counted among one of the best beaches of Pondicherry, the Rock Beach is a perfect getaway to lose self in the beauty of nature. Located in the heart of the city, White Town, the Rock Beach is easily accessible, and takes the tourists by surprise. You can enjoy the occasional crashing of ocean waters with the rocks. It’s a treat to the eyes and the soul. One can enjoy the sunrise and sunset along with a stroll across the shoreline.

Auroville Beach
Situated near Auroville, the Auroville Beach is among the best beaches of Pondicherry. Famed for its beautiful seashells, shallow and crystal clear water, and sun kissed shores, the Auroville Beach is the perfect escape from your daily schedule. The beach is perfect for swimming and surfing. Both novices and professional surfers can be spotted on the beach early in the morning. There are also some beautiful beach resorts that are among the best in Pondicherry.

Promenade Beach
A typical rocky beach, the elegance of this beach is in its beautiful waves. The fact that there are no vehicles allowed in the vicinity, allows the tourists to relax in peace. You can spot people coming here for morning walk, jogging and strolling. The seashore, beach shacks, food cart, and sea-facing cafes and restaurants enhance the charm of the beach. You can also indulge in some beach yoga session offered here, along with skating and trying fresh seafood on the beach.

Mahe Beach
Pristine shoreline with plush green palm trees defines the beauty of Mahe Beach. The beach is usually visited by photographers and peace seekers, for its beautiful view. It is one of the secluded and best beaches in Pondicherry to relax and capture stunning views of the ocean and sunset. There are no shacks and food joints, so you must carry food, water and other stuff like beach umbrella and towels if you are planning to swim. When in the beach, you can enjoy the picturesque sunset and also try your hands in fishing and collecting seashells. The beach serves as a peaceful retreat for a vacation and certainly a must-visit for all types of tourists. The best thing about Mahe Beach is that it remains comparatively less crowded, so you can enjoy some quiet time away from the city life.

Paradise Beach
Paradise beach is one of the best beaches of Pondicherry that boasts of crystal clear waters and pristine sands. You can reach the beach with a beautiful ferry ride, which will be worth every penny for its aesthetic surroundings. It is one of those magnificent beaches of Pondicherry where you can enjoy the sunrise alongside a beautiful view of the ocean. Swimming, beach volleyball, fishing etc are some of the activities that can be enjoyed in the beach.

Serenity Beach
Serenity Beach is one of the top beaches of Pondicherry that guarantees peace. There is a surfing training centre near the beach where you can learn surfing under professional guidance. Exploring the vibrant beach cafés and the beachside flea markets will make your visit to this beach all the more special. You can spend some leisure time surfing, sunbathing and chilling.

Pondicherry is gifted with natural beauty. So without any further ado, explore the heaven on Earth. Don’t let it slip away!

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