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Beaches of Tamil Nadu

Best Escape Anyone Can Have is the best way to explain the word Beach. While we are on the subject, the southernmost state of India, Tamil Nadu, is home to some of the most tranquil beaches of India. The Beaches in Tamil Nadu are different from the other Beaches in India, in not one but many ways. You ask how? Well, at its southern tip you can observe the three major water bodies of Bay of Bengal, India Ocean and the Arabian Sea merging into each other and becoming one. Isn’t that a nature’s miracle?

The state holds a beautiful coastal perimeter of India that beckons every beach lover. As the cool breeze brushes against your face and the waves of the sea touch your feet, you will feel yourself getting closer to harmony. Let’s now take you through a walk along some of the famous beaches of Southern India

Marina Beach
Situated at the Coramandal coast in Chennai, Marina Beach is interestingly the second longest urban beach of the world. With its calm and fresh surrounding, the Beach is also famous for its cleanliness. The beautifully aligned streak of palm trees along with the shore line of the beach makes your leisurely walk even more refreshing.

Rameshwaram Beach
Being one of the four major pilgrim destination of Hindus, Rameshwaram Beach attracts more of worshippers. The divine charm of this place draws tourists to come and spend time here. This beach is renowned for the longest bridge that has ever been constructed over the sea. The beach here is serene and has an aura to catch anyone’s attention.

Covelong Beach
Covelong Beach (also known as the Kovalam Beach) situated on the East Coast Road on the way to Mahabalipuram is one of the quiet and relaxing beaches of the state, and is famous for its fishing activities. The beach also offers a number of water sports such as mid-sea dive, surfing and swimming among others. One of the chief attractions of the beach is a Catholic Church.

Kanyakumari Beach
Multi-coloured sand, rocky surface, are just some of the highlights that best describes Kanyakumari Beach. If sand in your feet, music of the waves and cool breeze of the shore is your idea of tranquility, then this is the beach for you. The light house on the beach offers a panoramic view of the beach that forces you to adhere to the shore.

Mahabalipuram Beach
Located in the historic town of Mahabalipuram, the Mahabalipuram Beach makes each moment spent here worthwhile. The beach might not have too many activities or any unique feature, but the beauty that encompasses the beach is what makes it one of the best beaches of South India. Blessed with a beautiful backdrop of historic monuments, the beach itself is the testimony of the history of India.

Golden Beach
Golden Beach is one of the private properties in Chennai and is a part of the Marina Beach. What makes it a favourite spot among tourists is its beach-cum-amusement-park factor. Golden Beach is one of the ideal locations for swimming and relaxing, whilst enjoying thrilling rides. Another interesting feature of Golden Beach is that it is the sole beach resort in Chennai and hence is visited by the tourists and the locals often.

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