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South Indian Weddings

South Indian weddings are no less than fairytales. They are grand, royal and full of life. Weddings of South India take you deep into their cultures and let you experience vividness of their rituals. They evoke images of house entrance adorned with Rangoli or Kolam, decoration with mango leaves which is considered as auspicious, notes of the Nadaswaram and brides wearing bright silk saris.

South Indian Weddings Rituals
Before the actual wedding, the bridegroom is brought in a grand procession after certain rituals from the temple. The procession is escorted by the bride's parents to the marriage Mandapam from where the actual wedding starts. As per South India’s tradition, bridegroom dresses in a dhoti whereas the bride wears a traditional South Indian sari which looks exceptionally beautiful. Weddings of South India are feast for your eyes with so much gold and glitz. This is the best time to witness the traditional music which plays in the background throughout the ceremony.

It is believed that agni plays a vital part in a marriage as per South Indian tradition. The bride and the groom circle around the fire and feed ghee and firewood into it. It is said that vapours arising from the fire have therapeutic, healing and purification properties which bless the couple for their new life.

South Indian weddings bring along lots of religious rituals which tell a lot about the place’s history and heritage. Feast remains an important part of South Indian weddings. These meals are served in a traditional way on banana leaves and are eaten using hands. Food is given lots of priority and thus, the weddings host a variety of menus to add to the festivities.        

Diverse Wedding Styles of South India
Weddings of South India also have many variations. For instance, Kannada Wedding Rituals are different from Tamil Wedding Rituals. Kannada Weddings are grand and last for a week whereas Tamil Weddings are more poised and simple in outlook.

Attending a South Indian wedding is a must if you are visiting this region of India. It not only treats you with some beautiful Indian cultures but also tells you a lot about the sentiments of locals here.

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