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Fairs & Festivals

Karnataka can be rightly termed as the land of fiestas and festivals. It is the place which hosts some of the most colourful art and culture festivals giving you a glimpse of traditions sprawling here. Fairs & Festivals of Karnataka include lots of traditional dancing, which show the zeal and enthusiasm of locals towards their traditions.

Hampi Festival
Hampi architectural ruins host the very popular Hampi Festival which is a grand extravaganza of dance, music and drama. Here world renowned artists participate to perform Kannadigas dance and drama. The festival sparkles with fireworks, puppet shows and astonishing parades sharing a lot about the cultures of the state. The festival lasts for three days. While the first two days see dance and musical events, on the third day a huge elephant march is organised.

Kambala Festival
Kambala festival sees over 150 pairs of buffaloes participating in race for winning a prize. The festival is full of splash, speed, and unmatched power. It is believed that this festival is dedicated to Lord Kadri Manjunatha, a form of Lord Shiva. Pilgrims celebrate this festival to please the lord for a good harvest. During the festival, competitions are conducted as per four different categories, including Negilu, Hagga, Adda Halage and Kene Halage.

Pattadakal Dance Festival
Pattadakkal Dance Festival is a spectacular music and dance gala celebrated at the ancient Pattadakkal group of temples. The festival is organized by the Karnataka tourism and it brings out the talent of local artists on the stage. The festival is not only a treat for the lovers of traditional dance but also lures history buffs.

The New Year in Karnataka, Ugadi literally means the beginning of a new age. On this day locals wear new clothes, adorn their houses and perform dance. Poetic recitation competitions and classical music concerts are organised at various venues. The hamlets and villages of the state remain best venues for the celebrations of Ugadi.

Just like other parts of South India, Pongal remains a significant festival in Karnataka as well. People decorate their cattle and prepare a traditional dish ‘'Pongal’ during the festival. This is your opportunity to see the beautiful traditions of South India.

Other popular fairs and festivals of Karnataka include:

  • Makar Sakranti
  • Vairamundi festival
  • Rajyotsava day
  • Dussehra
  • Sri Vithappa Fair
  • Tula Sankramana/ Kaveri Sankramana
  • Godachi Fair

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