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Ayurvedic Resorts


Ayurvedic resorts of Andhra Pradesh are truly fascinating. They let you experience the wonders of this ancient form of medical science which offers you a balanced mind, body and soul. Find your inner solace by staying in one of the ayurvedic resorts of Andhra Pradesh where nature mingles with world class stay amenities. You stay under the guidance of professional ayurveda experts who take you on a journey away from your stressed routine life.

Bay Leaf Ayurveda Spa and Resort
Bay Leaf Ayurveda Spa and Resort is a popular Ayurveda resort in Visakhapatnam which promises you a state of overall wellbeing. Stay here and enjoy complimentary consultation with Ayurvedic physicians having years of experience in this unique healing therapy. From Abhyanga Sweda to Shirodhara, Udvartana, Kati basti, Greeva basti, Chakra basti, Janu basti and a range of Ayurvedic Facials and massages, the resort treats you with some soul soothing treatments to choose from.  

Pride Health Village
Pride Health Village in Hyderabad delights tired souls seeking mental solace and a healthy lifestyle. With a melange of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation, the center lets you enjoy the healing energy of Nature. Here you can devote yourself to yoga, meditation, and numerous Health Therapy Programs like Sanjeevani (Body Purification), Nirvana (De-stress Package), Tanulatha (Slimming Package), Jivana Soukya (Rejuvenation and Relaxation), and Nava Chaitanya (Special revitalizing Package) all of which are performed under the guidance of professionals.

Pragati Ayurveda Resort
This resort bestows seamless pleasure to those with tired nerves. Located in the city of Hyderabad, the resort offers well-designed comfortable cottages. The resort has a tie up with famed Santhigiri Ayurvedic Siddha Vaidyasala and thus, promises you the best stay to treat your inner self with charismatic Ayurvedic treatments. From Yoga and meditation to Rejuvenation therapy and Panchakarma – you can enjoy a list of treatments available here promising an ideal health and longevity.

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