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Explore the best of modern architecture with a new-age lifestyle, along with the old town charm only at Vijayawada. The second largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh houses spectacular attractions rooted in Andhra’s rich history. Beautiful springs, mouthwatering sweets and juicy mangoes are some of the features that best describes this beautiful city of Vijayawada. Vijayawada is a paradise for people to learn more about the region's history and culture. The city is renowned for some beautiful temples, Buddhist shrines and of course, the famous Prakasam Barrage.

If you aren’t already excited to visit the place, maybe a detailed insight of some of the touristic locations will inspire you to pack your bags and take a tour.

The architecture and sculpture of Undavalli Caves are fine examples of the artistry of the ancient people. The statue of Vishnu in a reclining pose is sculpted off a single granite block. Another magnificent gem of this place is the Mogalarajapuram Caves, famous for its rock-cut sanctuaries. Out of the three caves here, only one is well preserved. The caves stand proof of the ancient culture and architectural excellence of the bygone era.

If we talk about the must visit religious sites, there is Hazratbal Mosque, which is an important place of worship for the Muslims. Built into a beautiful white structure, the mosque stands as an attraction for hundreds of visitors and devotees. The best time to visit the mosque is when they display a holy relic of Prophet Muhammad, which usually happens in the month of December.

Reawaken your spiritual side by visiting the Kanaka Durga Temple, which is the second largest temple in Andhra Pradesh. The best time to visit the temple is during the Durga Puja celebrations. Special Pujas and cultural programs are held here during the festival. There are dedicated temple buses that take tourists to the heritage site from the Vijayawada bus stand.

Another sacred place of worship is the Gunadala Matha Church. As per the locals, this is where Mother Mary is said to have appeared before the flock. The Gunadala Matha feast is celebrated in February each year. During Christmas, the church is beautifully decorated and lit up. Special ceremonies are performed on important dates such as Good Friday.

There are few historical locations as well that are famous in Vijayawada. The Kondapalli Fort situated in between two hills is a popular tourist attraction. The fort is visited by hundreds of tourists to soak in its rich cultural heritage. Notable sites at the Kondapalli Quilla are the Dargha Darwaza (carved from a single granite block) and the excellent carvings on the walls of the fort.

Located a few kilometers away from Vijayawada, there is another picturesque historical place that is a must visit. The Archaeological Museum in Amaravathi with its breathtaking paintings, treasures the glorious Amaravathi’s cultural past. The museum houses a big statue of Lord Buddha and even has the Amaravathi Mahachaitya, an iconic piece of architecture in its courtyard.

Another tourist spot known by the name of Bapu Museum was formerly called the Viceroy Jubilee Museum. The museum is a great place for tourists to learn more about Andhra’s history.

So, whether you want to explore the natural and man-made wonders or run through the architectural beauty, Vijayawada will provide you with plenty of options. This city is home to some of the best attractions in India.

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