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Once the capital of the early Cholas in the 3rd century BC, Trichy takes you away from busy city life and lets you soak your soul in seamless spirituality. The history of this 4th largest town in Tamil Nadu takes you back to the 3rd century BC when it was ruled by some historical kingdoms, including the Cholas, the Pandya, the Pallava, the Vijaynagar Kingdom, etc. This resulted in myriad cultural impressions on the town which can be still seen here.      

Trichy houses more than its fair share of temples. Rockfort Temple remains the most visited one here situated inside a fort. Rockfort is known for playing a major role in the Carnatic wars. There is also the famous Ucchi Pillayar Temple inside the fort premises which was constructed in the 7th century. Explore the splendid cave temples inside the fort which remains the oldest structure here dating back to the 508 AD. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is another famous spiritual centre known for being the largest functioning Hindu temples on the planet. Construction of this temple took place between the 6th and the 9th centuries in typical Dravidian style and it is known for being the first Vishnu Temple in the world.

Jambukeshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, remains on the itinerary of every traveller visiting Tamil Nadu. The temple was raised by the Cholas in the 2nd century AD in beautiful Dravidian style. Its intricate stone carvings are worth exploring and it has numerous mythological events associated with it. This temple represents the element of water.  There are five enclosures inside the temple premises. There is a massive wall on the outside which stretches over a mile and is believed to be constructed with joint efforts of Lord Shiva and workers.  The Tiruvanaikkaval Temple of Trichy is another one of the five major temples in the state dedicated to Lord Shiva. It stands adjacent to the Ranganathaswamy Temple and looks beautiful in its construction.

Those seeking a beautiful picnic spot must stop at the Puliyancholai Falls which is a terrace waterfall. Here you can relish ample of nature sprawling around and unwind in its pristine ambience.

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