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Kathakali Dance Shows

Kathakali is the classical dance form of Kerala, which is narrated in the form of a story play in Malayalam, the local language of Kerala. This traditional dance form is a lyrical narration of stories from the Indian epics, with elaborate makeup, bright costumes, intricate hand, facial and eye movements. This unique blend of dance, music and acting is an indigenous Kerala art/ dance form for the classical dance and theatre lovers. Kochi is where you have the best chance to see a live kathakali in Kerala either in temple festivals held in winter, or at the shorter tourist-oriented shows that take place year-round on all days.

History & Evolution
The distinct feature of this form of classical dance can be traced back to ancient Sanskrit Hindu text called ‘Natya Shastra’. Traditionally, the name of this dance form was introduced by joining two words, ‘Katha’ and ‘Kali’ where Katha in Sanskrit means a traditional tale and ‘Kali’ derived from ‘Kala’ refers to art and performance. The views regarding the roots of Kathakali vary due to its ambiguous background.

About the Kathakali dance
Kathakali dancer can be a woman or man who wears a painted face. The dancer communicates stories to music using animated expressions and mimes with hand gestures and facial expressions. The dance form depicts the struggles of gods and demons. The music used during the performance comprises of Karnatic ragas, the orchestra uses traditional instruments of Kerala like the Chenda,Idakka and Shankhu, Maddalam, Chengila, Ilathalam.

The performance begins with the Kelikottu calling the audience to attention followed by the Todayam when characters invoke the blessings of the Gods.

Best places to watch Kathakali Performance in Cochin
Kerala Kathakali Centre – One of the most popular places to watch Kathakali in Kochi is Kerala Kathakali Centre. The dance performance is performed by the graduates from the renowned Kerala Kalamandalam. Kerala Kathakali Center is located in Fort Cochin near the Santa Cruz Basilica.

Kairali Kathakali – If you want to watch the Kathakali performance in Kerala in a small intimate setting, then Kairali Kathakali is the place to go to. It is located in Fort Cochin opposite the Brunton Boatyard Hotel.

Rhythms Theatre to Greenix Village – It is definitely the most expensive place to watch a Kathakali performance in Kerala. Grand and higher on entertainment value, the place is located opposite the Fort House in Kalvathy road at Fort Cochin.

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