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Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh is a famous botanical garden in Bangalore. The garden is home to variety of flora and fauna, housing many different kinds of bird species found here like Myna, Common Egret, Parakeets, and Pond Heron etc. An interesting thing about the garden is that it promoted and cultivated the concept of horticulture, and is under the protection of Directorate of Horticulture. The garden is a perfect escape for all nature lovers, and covers an area of 240 acres with 1,854 species of plants.

Flora at Lalbagh
The garden has been taken care of by continuously adding vibrant and flourishing plant variety to its collection. During the medieval times, the rulers imported plants from far flung palaces like Persia, Cape Town, Kabul, Turkey, Mauritius etc. Exotic species of flora from around the world are curated, introduced and further multiplied resulting in 1854 different varieties of plants. Some of the exotic plants here include Amherstia Nobilis, Adansonia digitata, Ficus bengalensis var - krishnae, Araucaria Cookie, Bombax Ceiba, and Dillenia Indica among many others.

Lal Bagh Attractions
Boasting of vivid attractions, the garden will keep you engaged for the entire day. One of the major attractions of the garden is the Floral Clock installed at the entrance of the park. Tree Fossil which is carbonised remains of a 20 million year old coniferous tree is also a major attraction of the garden. Among other popular attractions are - Glass House which is a magnificent edifice built out of glass, Deer Paddock, Aviary, Lecture Hall which was used for delivering horticulture lessons in the olden times, Lalbagh House, Lalbagh West Gate Guard Room, The Directorate Building, Lalbagh lake, The Museum which houses a wide variety of artefacts, Pigeon House which is an establishment made for attracting pigeons and other birds, Statue of Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar, Aquarium building which has some very interesting illustrations of underwater life, Kempegowda Tower and Bandstand.

Flower Shows at Lalbagh
Flower Shows at Lalbagh are held every year on Republic Day and Independence Day. The Flower Shows are organized by the Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society. Exotic flowers such as Cymbidium Flowers, Impatiens, Begonia and Fuchsia can be seen here during this time. The flowers are also arranged in the form of butterflies, making for an endearing sight. The Flower Shows of Lalbagh are a photographer’s delight.

Best time to visit Lal Bagh
Best time to visit Lalbagh is during the Flower Shows held in January and August. Morning or evening hours are ideal for a relaxing outing to this place. 

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