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Sugreeva's Cave

A beautiful natural cave in Hampi, Sugreeva’s Cave was once the abode of the mythical monkey warrior Sugreeva. The cave is the proof of nature’s wonderful miracle. Steeped in glorious history, the cave is a major attraction of Hampi.

This enormous yet peaceful place offers panoramic views of the surroundings. Located almost on the river shore, this is a naturally formed cave by huge boulders one leaning over the other.

Sugreeva’s Cave Legends
According to the legend, when Goddess Sita was being abducted by Demon King Ravana, she let fall her jewels here. Sugreeva used the cave to hide the jewels dropped by Sita. This is also believed to be the place where Lord Rama met Hanuman for the first time. The cave is located near a river, and it is being said that at Sugreeva met Lord Rama and Lakshmana at the riverside when they came here in search of goddess Sita. Located nearby is the Sita Sarovar, a pond.

Sugreeva’s Cave Overview
Situated at the edge of a flat rocky area, the inside of the cave is adorned with beautiful paintings. One can also observe several carvings of footprints that depict the footprints of Lord Rama and Lakshmana. The place is considered highly sacred by the Hindus.

The Sugreeva’s Cave does not exactly look like a cave because it’s not even big enough to let in a small child. One has to be on all four legs to enter the cave. One has to be on all fours to enter into it. The ceiling of the cave is at a height of just 3 feet from the ground. According to popular beliefs, the Monkey warrior Sugreeva resided inside the cave when he was overthrown by his brother Bali.

From the Sugreeva’s Cave, one can enjoy the beautiful view of river bed, which is a nice place to sit and relax. The temple priests offer their Sandhyavandana (puja during sunrise and sunset) here on the river bed.

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