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Achyuta Raya Temple

Achyuta Raya Temple is one of the major temples of Hampi, located between the Matanga Hills and Gandhamadana. Built in 1534 AD, this magnificent temple depicts Vijayanagara architecture style of temples in its best form. This was among the last magnificent temples constructed in Hampi, before the fall of the Vijayanagara Empire. The temple is located in a secluded region and is less crowded as compared to many other tourist attractions of Hampi.

About the temple
The temple is now in ruins as a consequence of the attacks by the monarchs of the Bahamani Kingdom. The temple has faced damages under several natural calamities. The temple is the perfect escape for those who like quiet places, as it is hidden amidst nature. The main idol worshiped in the Achyuta Raya Temple is Lord Tiruvengalanatha which is another form of Vishnu.

Temple Architecture
The towers, pillars, and walls of the temple have exquisite carvings and ornamentation. The main shrine of the temple is located in the centre of a pair of rectangular concentric enclosures. The temple is adorned with pillared verandas on the interior flanks of two courtyard walls. The outer walkways are in a state of ruins. The temple is distinctly visible from the top of the Matanga Hill.

The inner court of the temple leads you to a chamber facing the porch to the central hall. There is a small shrine chamber that once held an image of Garuda. The accessible hall houses some lauded sculpted pillars in Hampi. The statues and sculptures on the pillars of the temple reveal various themes like Lord Vishnu blessing an elephant, Lord Krishna playing his flute while the calves are watching, and infant Krishna dancing with a snake and holding it by the tail. The temple also has a Mandapa which is a marriage hall of the Gods and Goddesses for the yearly nuptials.

Facts about the Temple
Timing: From 5:30 AM – 1:00 PM and from 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM on all days of the week
Entry Fee: No entry fee required
Photography: Allowed
Visit Duration: About 2 hours

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