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Tipu Sultan Summer Palace and Museum

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace in Srirangapatna is a private retreat with closed rooms and narrow verandahs. This palace in Srirangapatna has some of the most amazing murals of the era. The Daria Daulat Bagh Palace contains Tipu Sultan’s Museum on its ground floor. The museum is the perfect example of Indo-Islamic architecture and it is reminiscent of the Summer Palace in Bangalore.

About the Museum
The Museum in the palace is rectangular in shape and rests in an elevated platform. The Museum remains fully covered from the sun to protect the paintings from being damaged. The outer part of the building is made of open corridors with pillars, and at the centre of the museum there are a few rooms with exhibits sketches, coins, weapons (pistols, daggers, cannons, swords), clothing (including Tipu Sultan’s pyjamas) and oil paintings of famous characters of the time.

The Museum also houses the newly completed portrayals of their people as well as palaces and spots of those periods. You can also spot the replica of the supreme Tipu’s Tiger that was on the Victoria then Albert Museum located in the London. A general gifted a silver vessel to his father Hyder Ali is also been kept for display.

About the Palace
The Palace is mostly made out with Teakwood, and the entire palace has an Indo-Saracenic design with chic architecture. It has open corridor structure on all the sides of the platform that taking a wooden pillar for the support.

You can also notice walls towards the east as well as the western sides. By the usage of colourful frescos on the arches, pillars, canopies and walls it gives a stunning appearance to the palace. The internal walls have floral and leafy decorations, while the outside walls are decorated with portrayals of the battles of floral marbled canvas fixed at the woody ceiling of the Palace.

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