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Hemakuta Hill Temples

The Hemakuta Hill Temples are a cluster of ancient temples located on the Hemakuta Hill in Hampi. Famed as the oldest cluster of shrines in Hampi, the temples on Hemakuta Hill are renowned among the tourists.  The entire hill was once a fortified stonewall, the ruined remains of which can still be seen. Hemakuta Hill is also among the best places in Hampi to witness the sunrise and sunset. Dotted by over fifty different structures including temples, mandapas, galleries and gateways, the Hemakuta Hill offers excellent wonderful view of Hampi Bazaar and Virupaksha Temple.

History of Hemakuta Hill Temples
Hemkuta Hill is beautifully adorned with ancient temples that belong to pre-Vijayanagara as well as Vijayanagara periods. A large number of these temples date back to 9th to 14th century and hence, belong to the era before the Vijayanagara Empire was founded.
Described as the canvas of stones, the Hemakuta Hill Temples were once fortified with tall stone walls. The top of the hill is a stretch of rocky sheet that is almost flat. All the temples dotting the face of the hill are hundreds of years old and represent a historical era of art and culture.

Architecture of Hemakuta Temples
The architecture of the temples here are quite different from the usual Vijayanagara style that are evident in various other temples in Hampi. The temples here have a distinct style of their own.
Due to their unique architectural style, these temples are often mistaken for Jain Temples. The Hemakuta Hill Temples can be described as compact triple chambered structures with pyramid like roofs made from granite. Temples located on the northern side of the hill are built in the Trikutachala style of architecture, wherein three shrines are placed in perpendicular position to each other facing a common central hall. The temples here have almost plain outer walls, except for the horizontal chain of floral motifs that provide some ornamentation to the walls.

About the Hemakuta Temples
The Hemakuta Hill houses more than 35 temples, and the largest and the most elaborately decorated temples are situated on the northern side of the hill, facing the Virupaksha temple compound. On the southern side of the hill is the ancient Virupaksha temple, also known as Mula Virupaksha Temple.
Further south, one can get an aerial view of the Krishna Temple, the Sasivekalu Ganesha, the temple of Lakshmi-Narasimha and the Badavilinga temple. The beauty of the ancient temples and the relative calm of the place make it a popular spot for tourists to spend some peaceful moments on the hilltop.

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