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Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple

Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple, also known as the five-faced Hanuman Temple, is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is said that Hanuman revealed his five faces here; hence the idol of Hanuman is depicted with five faces, which are of Lord Hanuman in the middle along with faces of Lord Narasimha, Lord Adivaraha, Lord Garuda and Lord Hayagriva on the sides. Also known as Panchamukha Anjaneya, Panchamukha Hanuman Temple is visited by almost every devotee who comes for a Rameshwaram Tour.

According to a popular legend, on their way to Lanka, Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana were abducted by Ahiravana, Ravana’s brother and he hid them in heel (patal lok). Ahiravana was a demon who could be only killed if five oil lamps kept in five different places were extinguished at the same time. In order to rescue Rama and Lakshmana, Hanuman took four other forms himself facing the east, Narasimha facing south, Garuda facing west, Varaha facing south and Hayagriva facing the sky. As soon as he extinguished the oil lamps, he rescued Rama and Lakshmana.

Floating stones in the Five faced Hanuman Temple
One of the major attractions of the temple is the ‘Floating stones’ that have been kept on display at the temple for the devotees to see. These floating stones were used for building the floating bridge named Sethu Bandhanam.  It is believed that during Ramayana, the Rama Sethu was built all the way to Sri Lanka right from Ramesawaram. Rama’s vanarsena, army of monkeys threw stones with Sree Rama written on it. It is believed that the stones floated instead of drowning in the ocean.

About the temple
The statue of the Hindu deity has been carved in pure black stone and the idol spreads to a remarkable height, which is worth appreciating. Inside the temple, the devotees can also sneak a glimpse of the deity covered in sacred vermillion. The place also offers an insight into the statues of Lord Rama. The whole ambiance of the temple offers a good opportunity for devotees to immerse themselves in the magic of this mystical place.

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