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Charminar is a landmark attraction in Hyderabad, the hi-tech city of Andhra Pradesh. The only thought of Hyderabad evokes images of Charminar.
Charminar has earned great popularity due to its unmatched historical importance. Its structure stands right in the heart of the city and speaks about the glory and the rich cultural heritage of Hyderabad.

History of Charminar
Charminar in Hyderabad was raised by the well-known architect Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah in the year of 1591. Its structure is made of granite, lime, mortar or pulverised marble. The monument looks artistic with an ancient grandeur. It earned its name due to the four tall pillars adorning it.

Structure of Charminar
Structure of this monument has four minarets mounting to 24 meters from its top. The whole structure stands 48.7 meters high. The dome of the Charminar looks magnificent too. It is believed that the four minarets represent the first four khalifs as per Islam religion. Charminar has a beautiful Islamic structure and features a spiral staircase with 149 steps which take you to the upper floor. From here you relish beautiful bird's eye view of the city.  
Visitors cannot be enter the building after 5:00 PM but can enjoy the market area sprawling around. During evening hours, the structure shines bright with illuminated lights, adding more magnificence to it.

Charminar is set amidst bustling markets portraying the cultures and lifestyle of Hyderabad. Around Charminar, you can find numerous vendors serving lip smacking Mughlai delicacies. Traditional shops are also dotted around selling bangles and pearls ornaments.
One can find many prominent attractions to explore near Charminar such as Jamay masjid, Mecca masjid, Char Kamaan, and Miya Mishk mosque.
The best time to explore the beauty of Charminar is during afternoon hours when the area remains brimming with happy locals and countless vendors adding colors to the place.

How to Reach:
Charminar is at a distance of 5 km from the Hyderabad Bus Station. Regular buses run from every part of the city to reach this prominent tourist place. One can also hire auto rickshaw or a taxi to reach here.

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