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Marakata Rajarajeswari Temple


Marakata Rajarajeswari Temple is first of its kind in the world, and is dedicated to mother Goddess Rajarajeswari, who is the chief deity for all the seekers of Sri Vidya. The temple belongs to Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Ashram. The body principle of Shiva and Shakti aspects, Sri Chakra is worshipped here. The phenomenon of visualizing the manifestation of this Sri Chakra in the body in a subtle form is called the secret of Sri Vidya.

Temple architecture
One of the most interesting facts about the temple is that it is completely built with stone with intricate architecture symbolizing Sri Chakra – the abode of mother Goddess. The idol of Mother Goddess in the temple is carved out of Green Aventurine/Emerald (Marakata). The temple architecture beautifully depicts the Nine Avaranas (Circumferences), Six Chakras, their Deities, Nava Durgas (Nine Incarnations of Goddess Durga Devi), 18 Ashtadasa Shakti Peethas, and other allied energies in stones and sculptures.

One can see 108 Yakshas at the lowermost part of the temple. Other interesting features are the beautiful elephant carvings, depicting auspiciousness, prosperity and knowledge. This is the reason why during all the celebrations elephants are used for processions.

Idol of Goddess Rajarajeswari
The idol of the Goddess is carved out of a single emerald, adorning the Ajna Chakra at her foot. It is believed that the energy of the Goddess is said to gradually move upwards from the Muladhara, Base Chakra, and reach the Ajna Chakra. The Goddess sits on the Sahasrara Chakra. The nine forms of the Goddess, Navadurga, are also present in the temple.

The Marakata Rajarajeswari Temple holds number of festivals to celebrate the Goddess and her innumerable miracles. One prominent festival is the Sri Bala Swamiji Birthday celebrations where gurus and preachers visit to share the secrets with the disciples and devotees. The temple also celebrates Navrathri with pomp and glory. The chief manifestations of Maha Lakshami, Maha Kali and Maha Saraswati are worshipped on three different days.

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