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Kondapalli Fort


An attractive and colourful fort with a beautiful architecture, Kondapalli Fort is spread over a sprawling area. Also known as Kondapalli Kota, the fort was built by the Musunuri Nayaks in the district. The fort is considered to have roots in parallel histories. The Kondapalli Fort served as a military fortification during the British rule, and was built as a centre of recreation, business and trade during the 14th century.

About the Fort
This 14th century Fort is believed to have been built by the Reddy King of Kondaveedu, Prolaya Vema Reddy. The Fort has served as a recreational palace for the king, and was also used as a business centre. Situated on a hill, the fort is a three storied rock tower protected by three levels of entries. One can still find several other ruined structures within the premises of the fort. There is a Gajasala, where elephants were kept, Queen's palace, Virupaksha Temple, Dining hall, a reservoir and prisons.
Kondapalli is also famous for its wooden toys. Kondapalli toys are carved out of locally available special light softwood known as Poniki.

Architecture of Kondapalli Fort
The fort has three entry gates, with the first one built with one block of granite. Known as the Dargha Darwaza, the gate is about 12 feet wide and 16 feet high. The second entrance of the fort is on the other side of the hill and is called the Golconda Darwaza. This entrance leads to the village of Jaggaiahpet. The Tanisha Mahal is located at the far end of the fortress, and is perched between two hills. The fort also has an English Barrack with eight rooms and an English cemetery.

Kondapalli Dolls
Vijayawada is famed for its Kondapalli Toys, especially the Kondapalli Dolls. There is a colony in Kondapalli known as the Bommala Colony of the Toys Colony, which is well known for crafting these toys. It is believed that artisans migrated from Rajasthan to learn this art from Muktharishi in the 16th century. These artisans are now called Aryakhastriyas or Nakarshalu. References to these names have been found in the Brahmanda Purana. These toys are mostly about mythological figures, art forms, animals and birds for children to play with and stay connected with nature and their culture.

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